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Online Diyet Danışmanlığı

Online Diet Counseling

It is possible to maintain face-to-face and one-to-one meetings in front of the screen, from all over the world, with the online diet consultancy that makes people close without leaving home.

Evde Yaşlı Bireylere Danışmanlık

Counseling for the Elderly at Home

Nutrition of elderly people who cannot leave the house is a very important issue. We follow my experiences in this sense together with a neurologist and physiotherapist who are experts in geriatrics (elderly care).

Peki, Ya Sonra Danışmanlığı

Well, Then Counseling

Did you lose your weight and then? I am with you to provide coaching and psychodiet-based counseling on weight maintenance and lifestyle change.

Bireysel Danışmanlık

Individual Counseling

If you would like to attend face-to-face and one-to-one sessions by taking covid measures, I would like to welcome you to my clinic in Fulya, Istanbul.

Kurumsal Danışmanlık

Corporate Consulting

On behalf of your institution, I provide individual nutrition consultancy, which includes tips for your employees to stay at a healthy weight while working from home during the Covid period, and to eat healthy for those with chronic diseases, online or on site.

Workshop ve Eğitimler

Workshops and Trainings

Whether you are a small group or a large group in a corporate environment, I am with you with special trainings and kitchen workshops for the needs of each group.